Saxby's Ciders wins listing at after Virtual Pitch

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Saxby's Ciders participated in our Virtual Pitches under the Ciders category that led to them winning a listing with 

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"My first ever virtual pitch on Product Guru and we secured a good order from This is far easier, less expensive and to the point than a trade show. I am now looking forward to the next pitch in June and hoping our success can continue."

- Phillip Saxby, Founder of Saxby's Cider

The brand's experience with Virtual Pitch Events

After participating in their very first virtual pitch, reached out to Saxby's Cider for the opportunity to list their products.

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About the brand

Saxby’s is a family-run cider maker based in Northamptonshire, England. They specialise in producing refreshing, fruity and authentic English craft cider. Unlike other well-known fruit cider brands, they differentiate themselves from their competitors by prioritizing fresh ingredients, with their apples sourced right from their orchards. Their flavour profile is characterised as refreshing and light as opposed to sickly sweet and heavy, and this is largely due to the fact that they make their flavoured ciders with real fruit, no syrups or added flavourings.

They offer sparkling, still, and fruity varieties, including a mulled cider, ensuring Saxby’s can be enjoyed all year round. 

Learn more about the brand on their website here.


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