PARK LiFE Secures Listings at Pedigree Wholesale & Costco Following Pet Huddle

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PARK LiFE attended Product Guru's Pet Care Huddle event to meet with UK retailers in their category. Following the event, they secured listings with Costco & Pedigree Wholesale, as well as engaging in conversations with other retailers. 

Success Story Highlights

  • Brand: PARK LiFE
  • Product Guru event attended: Pet Care Huddle, hosted 31st of March, 2022, in Birmingham.
  • Retailers that confirmed listings following the event: Pedigree Wholesale, Costco


What they told us about their experience at Huddles

"Building a business during lock-down is tough, so we were really looking forward to the start of trade-show season to get out there and meet prospective customers face to face. Of all the trade shows, Product Guru's Pet Huddle was the one that made the biggest impact on our business. The 'speed-dating' style meant that as a new startup we couldn't be missed , and we were able to get great air-time with buyers from some amazing retailers. To date we've had lots of success off the back of the Pet Huddle event. Some of these successes are still in development, so it's too early to talk about them, but we're delighted to share that we are now available in Pedigree Wholesale, making our products available to 1000's of independent retailers nationwide. We are also now a proud supplier of CostCo, and have taken part in a recent CostCo Pet Event. We're already looking forward to the next Product Guru Pet Huddle in January 2023." 

Richard Marles - PARK LiFE Founder


How Huddles events helped Parklife secure listings with major UK retailers

PARK LiFE  prides themselves on making great tasting, guilt free treats, with more benefits than you can shake a stick at! 

Huddles events offer brands the opportunity to meet face to face with a multitude of buyers in speed-dating style, integrating the technology from Product Guru’s platform for buyers to access all product details, log feedback, and connect with brands for follow-up and next-steps. Less than three months after attending Huddles, PARK LiFE confirmed listings with Pedigree Wholesale & Costco, with other ongoing conversations with other major retailers in the pipeline. 




Their Story: 3 Years ago founder Richard Marles became a pet-parent to Penny, their beloved Golden Lab. As a puppy Penny suffered an allergic reaction to a market-leading dog biscuit, so we started baking our own treats at home. Penny loved them as much as we loved baking them, so we decided to turn our newfound biscuit obsession into a family business. Roll on to today...their family has grown, and now produce a range of delicious treats that are always Grain Free, 100% Natural, and made with Human Quality Ingredients. No Hidden Junk!

Their range includes:  

BixThe World's most wholesome dog biscuits, made with a unique seed-based recipe, in a range of playful varieties! So good even human can munch them!

Fris-Bix: “Frisbee” shaped biscuits, for throwing, catching, and playful snacking. 

Love-Bix: Heart shaped cookies with no added sugar for rewarding good behaviour, or just to say "I love you".

Chill-Bix: Star shaped biscuits with calming properties, for boisterous dogs, or when it's time to Petflix & Chill...Zzz.

Milk Bones: Long-lasting “super chews”, made with human quality milk protein. Each bone-shaped chew helps to relieve boredom for up to 1 hour, while cleaning teeth and supporting strong muscles and bones. High Protein, Calcium Rich, and Lactose Free. 

Learn more about the brand here


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