Montelvini secures listing with Springvale Foods following Buyer Campaign

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Springvale Foods had a challenging deadline to find a brand of sparkling wine for their hamper offering. The team got in touch with Product Guru to help them to quickly find a supplier and achieve a listing within a 3-week timeframe.

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How Springvale Foods worked with Product Guru on a tailored Buyer Campaign to find the right product for their needs

At Product Guru, we work closely with buying teams to help them find new products in targeted areas, or to fulfill specific objectives.

We welcomed the challenge to help buyers at Springvale Foods looking for a brand of sparkling wine to complete their hamper offering in record time under just three weeks.

On week 1, our team took on the task to find suitable brands and shortlisted a few suppliers for Springvale Foods. On week 2, the buying team reviewed the brands, connected with a potential new supplier via the Product Guru platform and requested a sample. Week 3 saw Springvale Foods making their deadline, listing Motelvini’s sparkling wine to complete their hamper offering.

“The team at Product Guru is incredibly helpful. They listened to our requirements and efficiently found a suitable supplier for us. Thanks to them we managed to find and list the right product in as little as 3 weeks.”

Maddie Milton - Category Buyer at Springvale Foods



About the brand

The Montelvini company boasts the production of two highly prestigious DOCG wines: Asolo Prosecco Superiore and Montello Rosso.

For 135 years, the roots on which our company is founded have been intertwined with the surrounding territory, giving rise to perfect alchemy, a source of excellence.

The team at Montelvini says they "owe their longevity to our territory, to their sense of belonging to it, and to the respect that comes from this alliance."


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