Montagne Jeunesse Secures Listing at Superdrug after attending a Product Guru Event


After joining us at our 2022 Health & Beauty POP! event in Islington London and showcasing their products at our tech powered concept store, Montagne Jeunesse secured a listing with Superdrug. 

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How Product Guru helped Montagne Jeunesse secure a listing with a top leading UK retailer.

POP! is our tech powered concept store event which puts emerging brands in front on hundreds of key market players. Each POP concept store take place over the course of 6 days in a stylish venue merchandised as a retail store.

Montagne Jeunesse took part in our Health and Beauty POP! event with their branch of products, Earth Kiss, and was exposed to a multitude of industry leaders relevant in the Health and Beauty industry.

Having worked with Superdrug before Montagne Jeunesse were excited to get another chance to work with them. Product Marketing Manager, Celine said “[she] was excited to receive a sample request notification from the retailer and [that she] is delighted Superdrug was impressed by their new range and brand. {and looking forward] to work with this retailer once again.

More about Montagne Jeunesse

Montagne Jeunesse, renamed “7th Heaven”, is a beauty-product business based in South Wales. For over 30 years they have stood against animal testing and are a founding Cosmetics Industry Coalition for Animal Welfare (CICAW) member and pride themselves on being ‘Cruelty Free’ accredited.

They focus on marketing and distributing cosmetic products such as face masks.

Earth Kiss Face masks
earth kiss cover picture

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