Kocktail Secures Listings at Planet Organic & John Lewis Following Gift Food & Drink Huddle

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Kocktail attended Product Guru's Gift Food & Drink Huddle event to meet with UK retailers in their category. Following the event, they secured listings with John Lewis & Planet Organic, as well as engaging in conversations with other retailers. 

Success Story Highlights

  • Brand: Kocktail
  • Product Guru event attended: Gift Food & Drink Huddle, hosted 30th of March, 2022, in Birmingham.
  • Retailers that confirmed listings following the event: Planet Organic, John Lewis


What they told us about their experience at Huddles

"We found the experience of Product Guru Huddles brilliant. We secured two key listings directly from the event (John Lewis and Planet Organic), and started several other conversations which may yet lead somewhere. The format works really well, guaranteeing that you meet a number of buyers but don't get caught up with ones who are not relevant. There's no standing around like at trade shows, and it really speeds up the process. We've already booked on to the next one."

Emil Stickland - Kocktail, Co-Founder


How Huddles events helped Kocktail secure listings with major UK retailers

Kocktail is a unique immersive cocktail experience that focuses on bringing you four freshly made new cocktails to discover each month. Born out of a desire to enjoy a taste of their favourite cocktails from the comfort of home and unable to find anything that tasted as good as the drinks created by award-winning bartenders and mixologists, the team behind Kocktail decided to take matters into their own hands to create a stunning range of RTD cocktails. 

Huddles events offer brands the opportunity to meet face to face with a multitude of buyers in speed-dating style, integrating the technology from Product Guru’s platform for buyers to access all product details, log feedback, and connect with brands for follow-up and next-steps. Less than three months after attending Huddles, Kocktail confirmed listings with Planet Organic & John Lewis, with other ongoing conversations with other major retailers in the pipeline. 



About Kocktail

Kocktail is a mixology brand who's goal is to bring freshly made, world-class cocktails straight to peoples’ doorsteps, so they could create memorable moments and enjoy blends designed by the best, even from home. 

The company offers a variety of subscriptions include Kocktail Discovery Club. As a member of the Kocktail Discovery Club, members can indulge in a luxury experience with the opportunity to try new mixes and flavours every month. Members can savour four world-class cocktails from their home, with each cocktail hand crafted and freshly bottled by award-winning professional bartenders.

Learn more about the brand here


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