Dean's Shortbread Secures Listing at Gorgeous Food Company  after Gift Food & Drink Huddle

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After joining us at our 2022 Gift Food & Drink Huddle and getting scheduled face-time with buyers, Dean's Shortbread secured a listing with Gorgeous Food Company. 

Success Story Highlights

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Don't take our word for it! Hear from Dean's Shortbread. 🌟

HubSpot Video

Hear directly from Dean's Shortbread LIVE from our 2022 Gift Food & Drink Huddle. We caught up with Key Account Manager Michael Louw during the event. 



How Huddles helped Dean's Shortbread secure listings with UK retailers

Huddles events offer brands the opportunity to meet buyers at leading UK retailers through our events. At each Huddle, you can have buyers try out your products in person! Huddles rethinks the trade show format 

More about Dean's Shortbread 

Their story begins in 1975 at the heart of Helen Dean’s kitchen, in the small town of Huntly, North East Scotland. It was here that Helen first created her delicious traditional shortbread, and her friends and family loved the ‘melt in the mouth’ sensation. Her husband Bill, a Drum Major, thought it was so delicious he decided to use Helen’s baking to help raise funds for the local Huntly pipe band. Their touring helped spread her shortbread’s fame far and wide, and soon, the aroma of home baking would fill the town as Helen established her own small bakery to meet demand.


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