Raw Chocolate Secures a Listing at Funky Hampers after Chocolate & Confectionery Huddle

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After joining us at our 2022 Chocolate & Confectionery Huddle and showcasing their products to buyers via our 4D package, Raw Chocolate Company got a lot of interest from the panel of buyers and resulted in a listing with Funky Hampers. 

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How Huddles helped The Raw Chocolate Company generate interest from buyers and secure a listing.

Huddles events offer brands the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a multitude of buyers in a speed-dating style, integrating the technology from Product Guru’s platform for buyers to access all product details, log feedback, and connect with brands for follow-up and next steps. Each meeting at Huddles is guaranteed meaning brands will get to interact with each retailer who attends our events.

At Huddles, brands can also take part remotely via the 4D package. During the event, groups of buyers are taken to our screening room to watch short video presentations of brands that aren't on-site. While they watch the presentation they sample & engage with products, ensuring they enjoy a full brand experience.

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How did you find the process of making the video for the event?

"I put off making the video for a few weeks... I had never done this before and was a little nervous, despite having done some major public speeches in the past to major audiences. Somehow making a video was very different and daunting. However, I followed the instructions from the team at Product Guru, downloaded some video-making software for free, prepped my talk, and then recorded it in one take! 😀 It was fun in the end.

We had quite a lot of requests for samples from the buyers at the event, we followed up with them via the Product Guru platform and secured a listing."

Kris McGowan, Head of Stuff at the Raw Chocolate Company

About the Raw Chocolate Company

Founded in 2006, we make award-winning, organic vegan chocolate with no compromises. No refined sugar, no dairy, no gluten, soy, or processing aids. Better for you, better for the environment, better chocolate. BCorp-certified, plastic free and eco powered. Chocolate bars, snacks, hot chocolate, and gifts in retail packs and zero-waste formats 

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