How Clootie McToot won a listing with their dream retailer John Lewis

Clootie Mctoot success story quotes

Scottish dumplings brand Clootie McToot saw their "dream come true" when they managed to secure a listing with one of their target retailers: John Lewis, after Product Guru facilitated the golden opportunity!


Success Story Highlights

  • Product used: Virtual Pitch secured via the Product Guru platform.
  • Retailers the brand secured listings with: John Lewis & Partners


Customer Testimonial

"Product Guru made it possible for me to meet with buyers who I would never normally have had access to. A virtual pitch via the platform, the swapping of emails, and then my dream came true: our products available to purchase at John Lewis.

For a wee business like mine, the Product Guru platform is an invaluable way of making connections with retailers and supporting my business to grow."

Michelle Maddox, founder of Clootie McToot


What John Lewis said about their experience listing the brand

"Meeting with brands through a Product Guru hosted virtual pitch is a great way to keep things short and sweet, and form an opinion as to whether they fit the John Lewis brand. As a result, we offered Michelle a chance to stock Clootie McToot Dumplings in our SIS 2021 range."

John Lewis Buyer




Clootie McToot's journey with Product Guru

Michelle found out about Product Guru and signed up for free. Then they uploaded all their traditional dumplings products to the platform in the relevant category.  

Thanks to Product Guru's connection and close relationship with the buyers at John Lewis & Partners, Clootie McToot was successful in securing a 10-minute virtual product pitch session with the Gift Buyer at John Lewis.

John Lewis buyer reviewed Clootie McToot product details in their search for experiential gift food. The pitch was then arranged and delivered via the Product Guru platform, followed up by sample requests and conversations between the retailer and the supplier.

Michelle from Clootie McToot received the offer to stock their traditional dumplings in John Lewis between the months of Spring and Summer in 2021.


clootie mctoot dumplings kit


About the brand

The idea for Clootie McToot came about when Michelle's son asked her to bake and have a stall at his local school fête. The aroma of sugar and spice and the laughter from her children brought back fond memories of her childhood.

Her inspiration, desire and passion for traditional Scottish cooking was ignited and a business was born. The rest, as they say, is history. Clootie McToot dumplings are lovingly prepared, following a traditional, closely-guarded family recipe.

These lovely, old-fashioned puddings are bursting with Scottish charm. Michelle joined the Product Guru platform to attract the attention of buyers, to help her build awareness of her brand and make connections with retailers to grow her business



We are very thankful to the team at Clootie McToot for sharing their virtual pitch experience and success story. To learn more about the brand, visit their website here.

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