Beautifully Nourished wins Selfridges' listing following Virtual Pitch

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Katherine took part in a Vitamins & Supplements virtual pitch to showcase her wellbeing brand, Beautifully Nourished. Following her pitch, she won a listing with Selfridges. Here's her story and what she told us about the experience!

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Customer Testimonial

"My experience so far with Product Guru has been awesome!

What appeals to me the most is the simplicity of the platform. Simplicity for outstanding results is one of our core ways of being at Beautifully Nourished and we love to find partners that reflect the same. Product Guru absolutely does that and I love and enjoy each and every engagement with the team members. Wonderful results have unfolded within such a short time.

Product Guru is the perfect platform to let the right people, buyers and retailers see and find you."

Katherine-Elyse Blake, founder of Beautifully Nourished



Taking the challenge with Virtual Pitching

Katherine took part in our Vitamins & Supplements virtual pitch event in April 2021, on a mission to impress a panel of retailers with her range of Beautifully Nourished products relevant to the category.

Product Guru’s Virtual Pitches offer producers and makers the chance to meet online with retailers, to put their brand in front of buyers and deliver a 7-minute pitch to impress them.

Beautifully Nourished received sample requests from retailers and representatives including Luxury Fine living following the pitch, and as a result, they were successful in securing a listing with the incredibly popular high-end department store, Selfridges.

Selfridges is one of London's most extraordinary shops, with an extensive range across homeware, food, fashion and beauty – an ideal new home for Beautifully Nourished.


We asked Katherine about her experience, and what insights she'd share with our community

What does it feel like to see your products coming to life in the retail world?

"Walking through the Selfridges doors, into the Food Hall and arriving at the Food supplement division, just before Christmas was such a wonderful feeling. I think I skipped through the isles and I will always be thankful to Danielle at Luxury Fine Living for that!

The heritage and the invitation of new and boutique brands, creates such a magical atmosphere at Selfridges and I love that shoppers looking for Beautifully Nourished products get to experience that.

The UK is Beautifully Nourished’s home and we look forward to growing our partnership base, steadily, in a way that is truly aligned to the ethos of the brand."

What tips or advice would you give to other brands pitching their products?

"Keep it honest and clear. Many of the buyers on the day had camera off, which threw me a bit at first, but don’t let it throw you! Quickly get into the swing of things and end with several minutes to spare for the Q&A. Tell a story, whilst getting the key points across clearly. Send samples promptly and let the buyers really see you and your brand."



About the brand

Beautifully Nourished is a British wellbeing brand launched in 2020. It was founded by registered nutritionist Katherine-Elyse Blake, who embarked on a journey to encourage individuals all over the world to “embrace what they want, what they have and who they are.”

With a mission to serve others, the brand offers vitamins and supplements that are simple, nutritious, and high quality – designed to support from the inside out and to boost mental and physical wellbeing.

The brand’s focus lies upon five core areas of wellness: General Wellbeing, Gut health, Mind-Mood & Nootropics, Nutricosmetics & Skincare and Immunity.

Beautifully Nourished uses natural and organic ingredients wherever possible. The brand is proudly net carbon neutral, with recyclable packaging, and their skincare range is vegan and cruelty-free, featuring natural and organic skin nourishing blends.



We are very thankful to Katherine for sharing her brand's success story and virtual pitch experience, and we are over the moon to see her amazing products on the shelves at Selfridges!

To learn more about the brand, visit their website here. Explore the Beautifully Nourished Beauty Box at Selfridges here, and the Beautifully Nourished Mind Box at Selfridges here.

We help brands like Beautifully Nourished to engage and connect with buyers with in-platform messaging functions, virtual product pitches, sample opportunities and more. We're proud to support a thriving community of independent, innovative brands across all FMCG, gift, home and specialty categories.

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