Tios Drinks Secures Listing with Magasin du Nord following Gift Food & Drink Huddle

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Tios Drinks attended Product Guru's second edition of the Gift Food & Drink Huddle event, to get more exposure with major retailers. Following their experience, Cecilia Roux, Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Tios Drinks, shared with us her experience and how they've secured an exciting listing at Magasin du Nord, a prestigious Danish chain of department stores.

How was Tios Drinks' experience at the Huddle

"Great experience. Really well organised and friendly and approachable staff. The mixer event the night before with a clear distinction in badges to differentiate who the buyers were and who the brands were was really helpful to facilitate the initial informal conversations with buyers ahead of the pitching the next day. It was also a great way to meet other brand owners with similar experiences and exchange tips. The pitching was efficient, streamlined, and a great way of introducing our hard teas, getting them to try the liquid, and sharing some key information with the buyers."

How did Tios Drinks secure listings

"As a result of the face-to-face pitching, we've secured a listing with Magasin du Nord, the leading department store in Denmark. We've launched in their flagship store in Copenhagen and will be doing tastings in person there throughout the summer and we're still in conversations with a couple of other big UK retailers.

The initial conversation with the buyer at the pitching event ended with an exchange of contact details. I then followed up and took the conversation online.

The buyer, having already tried Tios, didn't require any further samples which made the process a lot quicker. We were already set up in terms of logistics to ship an initial amount of product and import them to Denmark. And within only a few weeks, we were on the shelves with some initial dates from the first few days. We have now planned a series of sampling sessions to get consumers to try our hard teas as it is a new product in the market and a new category. We're really excited to see how things go and Product Guru was the necessary stepping stone for us to expand our reach into a European market. We hope this will have a knock-on effect and allow us to continue to grow within the Danish market and beyond."


Success Story Highlights

  • Brand:  Tios Drinks
  • Listing: Magasin du Nord
  • Product Guru event attended: Gift Food & Drink Huddle, hosted January 2023 in Manchester.
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What the retailer told us about their experience at Huddles

"We were really excited to attend our first Huddle. We loved the event format and thought it was a very productive day to discover innovation."

Gift Food & Drink Buyer - Magasin du Nord


How Huddles events helped brands like Tios Drinks get discovered by leading retailers such as Magasin du Nord

Huddles events offer brands the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a multitude of buyers in speed-dating style, integrating the technology from Product Guru’s platform for buyers to access all product details, log feedback, and connect with brands for follow-up and next steps. Leading retailers from the UK and beyond are attending our Huddles events.


About Tios Drinks

Tea and cocktail in one. Tios Drinks is a unique award-winning hard tea, in other words, a sparkling alcoholic tea-based drink made with brewed organic white tea, premium spirits and all natural ingredients.

Founded by two sisters and their partner during the first lockdown, Tios is inspired by our family, our travels, and a love for tea and cocktails. The name inspiration comes from the Spanish ‘Tíos’ meaning ‘uncles’ and is in honour of our family tradition of Margarita night, started off by our aunt and uncle.

All our drinks are low in calories with no added sugar, 4.4% ABV and vegan, served in 250ml recyclable cans. There are three different flavours: Hard Tea Mojito, Hard Tea Margarita and Hard Tea Light & Stormy – all tea-based twists on three popular cocktails.

We are transparent about all the ingredients we use by clearly stating them on our labels and our aim is to always use sustainable materials where possible without compromising on quality and taste. Our packaging is kept to a minimum and is FSC-certified. Our white tea is organic and fair trade.

Tios Drinks Company

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