DNA wins listings with Selfridges after Virtual Pitch

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Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) participated in our Virtual Pitches under the Health & Wellbeing category, which led to them winning a listing with Selfridges. 

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Customer Testimonial

"It was a serendipitous moment where a friend of mine had a ticket for one of Product Guru's lightning pitches but couldn’t make it and kindly gave us the ticket at the last minute!

This was our first ever pitch and nerve racking as no deck involved. However the subject really resonated with both men and women (we’ve found women really understand our products as they have a stronger connectional with hormonal health that creates a short hand) and led to some sample requests.

Incredibly - we are also about to secure our first retail listing - and it's a big one! Not signed on the dotted line yet so can’t reveal who but we’re incredibly proud and also grateful that retailers are now seeing the potential of this enormous global market which is set to go the same way as the female hormonal health market off the back of our Product Guru virtual pitch!"

In February 2022, Roberta from DNA got in touch with our team to share the great news that their listing with Selfridges had also materialised and their products are now live - all as a result of the virtual pitch.

"We are very proud to have teamed up with Selfridges to offer men a a natural way to support rapidly declining testosterone levels and its all as a result from our first ever pitch with Product Guru and thanks to Danielle at Luxury Fine Living for seeing the potential in us."

- Roberta Stringer, Co-Founder DNA


The brand's experience with Virtual Pitch Events

After stepping in from a friend and taking part in their very first virtual pitch, Selfridges reached out to DNA for the opportunity to list their products.

Our virtual pitch events are a can't-miss opportunity for buyers to meet with challenger brands and innovative products. At each virtual pitch event, challenger brands have 7 minutes to pitch their product and receive real-time feedback from buyers.

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About the brand

Dynamic Nutrition Academy is a men’s hormonal health supplements brand, based in Hertfordshire.

Husband and wife Sheldon and Roberta formed DNA in 2018 as a family business proudly manufacturing in the UK. The team share a passion for men's health, intending to do things better and differently.

The company was built from the need to offer men better natural solutions for the increasingly common issue of low testosterone which 1 in 4 men are impacted by and became an issue for Sheldon. It was at this point we realised that men (particularly compared to women) were being completely under serviced in terms of natural hormonal health products. DNA was born!” – told us Roberta, from DNA.

The team spent years extensively researching the most effective natural testosterone-boosting nutrients based on the latest science and research into nutraceuticals and their role on men’s health.

The result was the world’s first range of natural testosterone support powders that offer a pioneering approach by developing three different brands that recognise the changing hormonal and nutrient needs of all men.

Learn more about the brand on their website here.

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