Everleaf Secures Listings with JD Williams, Debenhams and Magasin Du Nord after Gift Food and Drink Huddle


After joining us at our 2023 Gift Food and Drink Huddles and showcasing their products firstly on our platform and then live at Huddles, Everleaf got a lot of interest from the panel of buyers resulting with a listing with JD Williams, Debenhams and Magasin Du Nord

Success Story Highlights


How Huddles helped Everleaf generate interest from buyers and secure a listing.

Huddles events offer brands the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a multitude of buyers in a speed-dating style, integrating the technology from Product Guru’s platform for buyers to access all product details, log feedback, and connect with brands for follow-up and next steps. Each meeting at Huddles is guaranteed meaning brands will get to interact with each retailer who attends our events.

At Huddles, brands can also take part remotely via the 4D package. During the event, groups of buyers are taken to our screening room to watch short video presentations of brands that aren't on-site. While they watch the presentation they sample & engage with products, ensuring they enjoy a full brand experience.

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How did Product Guru help you along the way?

"Product Guru enabled us to make the initial connections and this has led to other listings snowballing from the first. Nice to socialise with buyers the evening before and at lunch so it's not all talking shop."

What advice would you give to future 'huddlers' to make the most of their experience?

"Try not to use a PowerPoint deck but instead verbalise the brand story so they understand your USP. Ask lots of questions to understand their needs, make sure you take their contact details and get in touch within the first two weeks after the event to stay memorable."

Jo Zakiewicz,  Senior National  Retail Account Manager

About Everleaf

Everleaf are non-alcoholic aperitifs, made for a naturally better spritz. 

How is Everleaf made?
"We use different methods of extraction according to the plant so that we get the best flavour in the most sustainable way. Vetiver, for example, uses steam distillation, while acacia gum is ground to a fine powder and vanilla is macerated in alcohol. The extracts are then blended together by hand onto our unique textured base liquid."

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